Push Notification
I would like to receive information about:
Delayed Collections

Rarely used, this type of notification is reserved for emergency type situations where the notification advises you about a situation and tells you what to do. An example would be a weather-related issue that will have an effect on curbside collection.

Expected Frequency: 0 - 3x per year

Program Changes

Used to let you know about a change to the waste & recycling program, such as additional items being added to the recycling program.

Expected Frequency: 0 - 3x per year

Sorting Tips & Reminders

Provides occasional tips about materials that many people are often unsure about where they go. An example might be Halloween pumpkins.

Expected Frequency: 6 - 12x per year

Collection Tips & Reminders

Provides information about proper set-out of your waste & recycling.

Expected Frequency: 3 - 6x per year

Event Reminders – Waste & Recycling

Lets you know about upcoming events related to the waste & recycling program

Expected Frequency: 4 - 12x per year

Event Reminders – Other

Lets you know about other upcoming events from your local government.

Expected Frequency: 10 - 40x per year


Your feedback is wanted. Invitations to participate in surveys or focus groups related to your local waste & recycling program may be occasionally sent out. Make your voice heard!

Expected Frequency: 2 - 6x per year

Tips & Suggestions from Recycle Coach

Tips and suggestions to help you learn more about how to be a better recycler. These come from Recycle Coach, not your local government.

Expected Frequency: 2 - 6x per year